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Media Production

The information contained on this web page is for the convenience of the public. The city recommends reviewing Chapter 34, Article II, Division 4 in its entirety before determining whether you need a media production permit.


It is the public policy of the State of Georgia to market the state as a location for media productions, recognizing the economic impact this industry provides for local jurisdictions, such as the City of Berkeley Lake. The city is further fortunate to have a number of unique locations to attract media productions to the city. 

Despite the many positive benefits a media production may offer, certain inconveniences may result if the production company and city cannot work in concert to assure minimum standards are met and to assure a thoroughly-planned production schedule is followed. The motion picture, television, internet and other media industries can be environmentally clean industries, desirable for the city so long as there is adequate regulation to protect the health, safety and well-being of the local community, atmosphere and environment.

For these and other reasons, the City of Berkeley Lake regulates non-exempt media production within the city limits.


A Media Production Permit is required for any person or organization to conduct or carry on the business of non-exempt media production on private or public property within the city limits. The media production permit is in addition to to any permit that may be required by fire code, building code or other applicable local, state or federal laws.  Go to Media Production Permit application form and Location Data Sheet.


A Media Production Permit is not required by the city for the following activities. See the ordinance for further definition of these activities.

  • Broadcast studios.
  • Current news
  • Personal-family use
  • Training, educational and public service use
  • Political use
  • City direction
  • Non-commercial private events
  • Low-impact media production 


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