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Communications with Citizens

The City of Berkeley Lake makes use of a wide variety of methods and opportunities for communicating with citizens:

Type Description Frequency
City Directory and Handbook A document containing listings of citizens, contact information and property in the city. Additional 'good to know' information is included in the handbook portion. Updated annually
Committee Meetings   As needed
Council Meetings   Monthly, as needed
HOA Presidents Meetings and Email Notices The mayor meets with the presidents of local homeowner associations to discuss recent and upcoming issues and events. Quarterly
Legal Advertising Public notices are placed in the legals section of the Gwinnett Daily Post unless otherwise specified by state law. As required by law
Mayor's Message Newsletter A written document from the mayor, sent to homes in the city. In 2010, the city began distributing the newsletter primarily via email. Monthly or as needed
Mayor's Message to Council A written document from the mayor, distributed via email to council members and provided along with public information at council meetings. As needed
MCCI Council meeting minutes available for search and review on the MCCI website. Online, linked through this website; updated quarterly
Municode Our city charter and code of ordinances available for search and review on the Municode website. Online, linked through the this website; updated as code is amended
Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings Monthly, as needed
Town Hall Meetings As needed
Website The most up-to-date and persistent source of information. Persistent